Tales Of Us

About Tales of Us 

“This collaboration offers an opportunity to grapple with what an ethical approach to storytelling might look like.“ New York Times

Tales Of Us is a new approach to communicating the urgency of protecting the world’s most powerful and fragile ecosystems and the people who call them home. It all began with Congo Tales (Random House / Prestel, November 15th, 2018) and the short film The Little Fish and the Crocodile that shone a crucial light on life and mythology in the Congo Basin.

Since then, Tales of Us has worked tirelessly to upturn the traditional conventions of fear-based environmental messaging by telling the stories of the people who live these environmentally endangered areas in a totally new way – through their new educational platform Tales@Home. Fueled by the local mythologies, legends, and lore that form the basis of cultures that predate modern civilization by centuries in the natural – and ecologically critical – environments from which they sprang.

In doing so, Tales@Home conveys the magic and mystery of these little-understood places in a way that empowers and uplifts. It reaches people in parts of the world who may otherwise not hear these authentic stories. With this innovative approach to environmental communications, Tales@Home sets out to change the narrative about places of great ecological importance by providing an educational experience like no other for future generations.

This cross-cultural and cross-continental collaboration closes the gap between those who live these experiences and those who can fight to protect them from afar. These stories work to prevent the loss of these all-important bastions of nature and reveal their priceless value to the world and our collective future in it.

Tales of Us is currently scouting sites for the next series in Romania and Brasil, exploring the connection between children and their culture’s mythology.