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Museum Minsk

Museum Minsk

Opened on November 7, 1977, the Minsk restaurant, built in the GDR modernist style, was intended to reaffirm the friendship between the GDR and the Soviet Union, and was set up in collaboration with artists from Minsk. The Minsk was very popular among Potsdamers and is associated for many with memories of celebrations and café visits with a view over the Brauhausberg hill. After the GDR formally ceased to exist, the restaurant was closed and fell into disrepair. However, civic engagement prevented plans for demolition being carried out.

In spring 2019, the Hasso Plattner Foundation decided to purchase the Minsk. As early as January 2020, construction work began to transform it into a museum for the foundation’s very popular GDR art collection. Modern exhibition spaces totaling 900m2 are being created on the two main floors. On the upper floor, a café with an outdoor terrace is planned, which will serve as a new meeting place for Potsdam.




Main view of the Minsk terrace restaurant
Image: Architektur der DDR Heft 10 Jahrgang 1979


Exhibition space on the upper floor – with view into the café
Image: Heinle, Wischer und Partner, 2019