The Endowment funds the philanthropic mission of the Hasso Plattner Foundation.


The Endowment provides financial funds to help achieve the Foundation’s mission – educating and inspiring generations. The Investment Office invests the Endowment with the aim of generating high, risk-adjusted returns to fund existing and new initiatives of the Foundation into perpetuity.  


The Investment Office of the Endowment allocates capital globally to preserve and grow the Foundation’s wealth, mostly with trusted external fund managers and selectively via direct ownership of businesses, especially in the enterprise software, climate technology, and digital health sectors. 

Our investment strategy focuses on long-term equity ownership and risk diversification. The Investment Office seeks out external partners with entrepreneurial spirit, an ingrained moral compass, and a drive to make a positive impact in line with the Foundation’s goals. 

An Advisory Board of renowned international investment professionals provides external expertise and advice to the Investment Office. 


With our investment strategy, we aim to contribute to the goals of the Foundation. 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations continue to guide our investment decisions deeply. We seek to engage with our external partners to fully integrate ESG criteria into their investment process, based on the relevance to their strategy. But we also aim to go beyond incorporating ESG best practices and to invest with managers and in companies that can help bring innovation to market.